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Eşya Sarmak İçin Streç Film

Stretch film, which we manufacture in Turkey, also known as pallet film or packaging film, is an essential material for packaging various types of products and securely and stably fixing them on pallets. Additionally, it provides protection to the surfaces of items during transportation, and it optimizes the storage of goods in warehouses.

There are two types of stretch films available - one for automated wrapping of goods and another for manual wrapping of goods on pallets.

Manual wrapping of goods with film is the most popular method for load fixation, it is performed manually and is known as hand packing movie. This method is effective when working with small quantities of goods and packages of various dimensions. Stretch film is widely used in households, small shops, production units, large factories, and distributors.


When dealing with large quantities of goods or uniform packages, automation becomes necessary, and goods are wrapped using specialized equipment known as a pallet wrapper.

Stretch film for automated wrapping of pallets is called machine stretch film. This method of packing is highly efficient as it reduces operation time, film consumption, and labor costs. Additionally, the equipment used for wrapping the load, ie the pallet wrapper, can be adjusted to control the stretch of the film, height of wrapping and many other options.


Hand stretch film and machine stretch film can be stretched in advance, which is known as Pre-Stretch film. It is created by stretching the stretch film to a specific thickness. Pre-Stretch film is popular in Europe.


The use of this type of film has many advantages over traditional packaging film:

  • The stretching of the film reduces consumption during the packing process, thereby decreasing the cost per unit;

  • Slight stretching of the Pre-Stretch film improves load stability during transportation;

  • Manual stretching of the stretch film requires less effort;

  • Stretching the Pre-Stretch film reduces its thickness while maintaining its durability and load fixation.

we offer pallet films in various types and colors such as transparent, black, blue, white, and other colors.


Additionally, we manufacture stretch films for manual wrapping of goods according to customer specifications such as thickness, width, length, and weight.

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